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Here is what's happening in our little corner of the wine world...

Life can sometimes move so quickly that we forget to stop and take a breath, let alone find time to see, swirl, sniff, sip, savor a glass of wine with some semblance of purpose and thoughtful appreciation. The wine industry, itself, is like one giant engine, churning, burning, and evolving to accommodate the flow of business alongside the often manic pace of the outside world. 

When we considered whether or not we wanted to get back into the wine business, we had some tough choices to make. To start a small family wine brand amidst towering giants of global beverage companies that have gobbled up so many of the small (and not so small) family wine brands, seems like a relatively insurmountable undertaking. Now, you throw in a global pandemic, evacuations and the nearly-year-round threat of fires due to the devastating, undeniable effects of climate change, and you've really got some fear-laden food for thought.  Surviving in the wine business can be overwhelming even in the best of times, so when you take into account the emotional and physical toll of everyone's new-ish normal, the prospect seems crazy (Read: Hmmm...completely bonkers?!? Perhaps.).  Well, we may be crazy, but one thing rings true -  we REALLY love what we do. 

We like to joke that we're bringing back the Ma & Pa organization, but, in our case, it's actually the truth. We are - quite literally - a two-person operation where those two people happen to also be a Ma and a Pa raising two young children...and a precocious 7-year-old German Shepherd "puppy" named Coco (aka Coco Loca).  As difficult as some days/weeks/months may be, we wouldn't have it any other way.  The nearly two decades of our relationship has been built on the cornerstone of hard work and a partnership that, against the odds and some tough times, has survived all manner of challenges that life can throw your way.  We appreciate each day as a gift.  

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