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Commitment to Sustainability
Just ask our children and they will tell you - Mommy does NOT like waste and Daddy can't stand clutter! This can sometimes mean Ted and I are working against each other. If something breaks or wears down, I disassemble it and save reusable parts with the intent of reincarnating it into a new life down the road...sometimes in the form of a craft project with the kids. This could be considered clutter, but there is a method to the madness and organization. You need spare parts? I got 'em. In turn, Ted is always working to simplify and pare things down to basic must-needs. This is where our teamwork makes this eco-dream work. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Upcycle. Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability. Compostable. Energy efficient. Carbon footprint. Climate conscious.
These are just some of the terms that our children are already aware of in our everyday lives.  We believe that they are vital to our survival.
Sustainability has always been deeply ingrained in how we live each day...long before it became a buzzword. As children of farmers, gardeners, and nature lovers, we grew up learning to respect the land and all of its inhabitants, and find we are often humbled by Mother Nature on a regular basis.  Ted even had to rake the vineyards growing up (which served a dual purpose of taking care of the land and keeping him out of trouble!).  We count ourselves as fortunate enough to grow our own fruits, veggies, and herbs for backyard foraging in the warmer months, and engage in the preservation of leftovers to help carry us through the remainder of the year. We have always felt a deep connection to the Earth and, in turn, have passed this same set of ideals on to our own children in an effort to do our part to protect our vital resources and combat the cataclysmic and undeniable repercussions of climate change. 
In terms of the wine business aspect of our lives, we are constantly keeping an eye out for ways we can innovate in an effort to work toward carbon neutrality. 
Our Sustainability in Action Plan is in the works! Please check back if you are interested in hearing more about how we put these best practices to work in the vineyards, cellar, and more!

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