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Il cibo é amore!

(food is love!)

Food truly is love in our family. There are few things that we enjoy more than gathering together to cook and share a family meal while catching up on the latest in everyone else's little corners of the world. It is a heartfelt tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and continues to be an important part of the fabric of our family unit. It is also one of ways we show our love and care for those around us in the tough times. When life proves challenging, we usually show up with an armload of comfort food and a hug to go with it.        

Some of our fondest memories growing up revolved around being in the kitchen. Ted's Italian heritage is full of what you would expect - usually involving plenty of handmade pastas and Italian peasant food - simple, hearty, delicious, and just what you would expect when you sit down to a family meal. I haven't perfected the art of pasta making yet (suggestions and recipes welcome!), but I try my best. On the flip side, I grew up surrounded by comfort food favorites and pies galore passed down from one grandmother's Okie Native American and Southern roots on one side, and Scots-Irish classics from the other (minus the haggis).            

These days, we often begin our culinary adventures with some backyard foraging. We are so thankful to be able to walk out into the garden and eat organically grown fruits and veggies straight from the source. We teach our children to understand just how much value this adds to our everyday lives. It's hard work, but so worth it. Ted jokes that my canning projects have taken over his "wine room." [The "wine room" is actually a converted storage room next to our garage, so let's cut the glamour right out of that equation. It's perfectly adequate for both wine and canned goods!]   My response is often heavily laced with sarcasm...and a note about how he's usually first in line to try the applesauce, jams, sauces, and whatever else I can preserve, year-round.      

Gingerbread S'Mores
February 14, 2023
A Winter holiday take on a summertime classic and a big hit with the family of all ages. Spicy gingerbread and velvety bittersweet chocolate are the perfect complement to balance out the sweetness of the ooey gooey toasted marshmallows. I do these during the holidays to pass out to family and friends and have even baked batches for Valentine's Day using heart-shaped cookie cutters and coordinating sprinkles.

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